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Website Design & Site Rehabilitation —

If you're looking for experience in hand-coded web design and graphics, look no further! As part of the original discussion group which resulted in the HTML Writers Guild, I've been designing for the World Wide Web since late 1994. I've actually been online continuously since 1984; my thesis, An Interactive Tutorial to the Defense Data Network — was co-opted by the Department of Defense to train personnel in use of the DDN and Arpanet, the precursors of today's Internet. More... 

Information Security —

My first tours in the US Navy were intelligence and anti-submarine analyst postings in London and Hawaii. Subsequently, I focused on command, control, computers & communications (C4I), and was responsible for information security awareness, classified material control, secure network development, etc. From March 2000 - May 2001, I was part of Cisco's InfoSec group in San Jose. My next 10 months were spent as part of a team installing two Cisco/SAIC radiation monitoring networks at Nine Mile Nuclear Plant. Since April 2002 I've been working in Homeland Defense and Oracle Portal development for Army Signals Warfare with CACI Technologies. (And, if I tell you anything else...) More... 

Writing (& Butterflies) —

In late 1995, after electing early retirement from the US Navy as part of the Congressionally-mandated forces drawdown, I took a year off and headed for Paris, laptop in hand, to hang out in literary cafés, quaff endless espressos, and 'pen' (okay, type) the Great American Novel. After several months of 'knife, fork & corkscrew', I discovered to my utter chagrin that I was not a fiction writer, and beat a strategic retreat to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, to start a successful commercial butterfly farm... which I sold in late 1999. (Memo to the romantically / alternative agriculturally inclined: French cafés won't loan their electrical outlets, and wheelbarrows full of dirt are HEAVY!!) I've been an information security technical / non-fiction writer and web designer ever since. More...  

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  "...It's your loss if you haven't met this one! Vibrant, multi-faceted, amazing!!!"      Vanessa Strape, Santa Fe, NM   

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