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Web Design Projects —

Although I keep fairly busy with a "real" job and existing client base, I (paradoxically) enjoy the challenge (and sleepless nights) involved in creating new designs. Projects such as eBay ad templates and quick-turnaround, 3-5 page websites are always welcomed. My focus is on content management and delivery, coupled with usability and navigability. If you swoon with rapture at the thought of high-bandwidth glitz, interstitials, and involuntary pop-ups, you will definitely be happier looking elsewhere! Links to clients' sites...

Graphics —

I create many of my own graphics, and also work with several graphic artists. For complex projects with both online and print elements, I suggest engaging a dedicated graphics shop for a comprehensive, multi-format (CMYK/RGB) package. For high impact, studio quality photography such as medical imaging, a sneak-preview visit to a restricted-copyright site can be illuminating: we'll take it from there! Here's some "just for fun" links:

• Create your own cool 3-D header with Xara3D...
• Explore the mysteries of Hexadecimal Color...

Choosing a Domain Name —

Few online decisions you make will carry more impact than dreaming up and registering a catchy, easy-to-remember domain name. Virtually all English words and common acronyms were snapped up by speculators long ago (say, 3 years back). Many are available in exchange for your first-born child, plus stock options. Creativity is crucial; brain-storming is de rigueur. There are still slews of stunning combinations crying for registration: I will gladly help you with this process!

Website Hosting —

Location, location! For hosting of your site on the Internet, there are innumerable providers to choose from. Your final selection will depend on your unique needs, e.g., local and backup storage space, real-time update of relational database & inventory, secure shopping cart/webstore service, login authentication protocols, impenetrable firewalls (yeah, right -- let's settle for highly reactive updates at the first warning alert from BugTraq!!), and 24/7 personalized support. I can help you wade through the morass of geek speak and hidden costs to find the perfect host. Lately, tho, I've been most impressed by VortechHosting.com...

Pricing —

I've learned over the last decade that every website presents its own unique challenges. You know what you dreamt of in group session; I know what is truly doable with current technology. Whatever design we finally hit upon together, I guarantee to do my utmost to make you happy... remember: everything on the Internet is open to public scrutiny and critique, and I take great pride in my work!! For further info and an unvarnished price estimate, please send a brief project description to:


HTML Writers Guild

International Webmasters Association

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