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Out from the hills the changewind comes
Drawing nigh,
With sidebent eye,
And scant regard
For tranquillity.

Disquieting trees, burnishing leaves,
The changewind swirls
Bright promises:
    Of farflung shores, beckoning doors,
    My heart's desire~
And brooks no plea
For stability.

Crystalline clear, this keening caress,
The changewind sighs,
"No guaranty:
    All life's becoming; each must choose,
    To savor risk~
Or stay ensconced
In torpidity."

West with the night the changewind soars
O'er shimmering seas,
'Neath starstrewn skies,
Embracing me, a butterfly,
Joyously wind-dancing.

© Sheri S. Moreau

Haiku —

Fairy tern flying
White above a storm-swept sea
Turn into the wind.

© Sheri S. Moreau

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