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Frequently Asked Questions —

Q. Why is your website called "akindofmagick"?

A. It's an affirmation of life: a tagline from the film The Highlander, and a rock song by 'Queen', from the album which includes Who Wants to Live Forever?, These are the Days of Our Lives, and Bohemian Rhapsody. Plus, it's easy to remember—a key element in choosing domain names. Nothing to do with Wicca or spellcasting whatsoever!!

Q. What sort of web design site is this, anyway? There's hardly any graphics, let alone flashy stuff!

A. Sorry for disappointing you, ya know what they say about the shoemaker's kids??? I candidly admit I threw together using snips from various resumes, flyers, and other bits and pieces I had squirreled away. My initial focus is on getting the content up, then I'll prettify it!

Q. NOBODY could do all the different things you say you've done. Who're you trying to kid?

A. Okay, you've caught me out. Way back in the '80s I was part of a secret government cloning project that ran amok. My evil twin watches my 3 1/2 hours of tv a day, drinks milk, wanders aimlessly around shopping malls, and queues up interminably for whatever's hot... or cool! This leaves me free to read voraciously, travel and study. I'm a type-A over-achiever possessed with insatiable curiousity... someone who graduated early from high school out of sheer boredom, and never looked back.

Q. You use an awful lot of big words on your pages.

A. I can make them smaller if you like!

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